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I write, therefore I am.

Science writing


I currently write regularly for the website Things We Don't Know and Chemistry World blogs. Examples of my writing may be found online. My own research experience is in solid state analytical chemistry, environmental science and engineering, and nuclear waste storage, but I write across the physical sciences and life sciences, depending upon the audience and level of expertise required. I can also shorten or adapt specialist texts to produce public-facing, engaging material, or report upon science activities.


I have written and produced a science history play, Trusting Atoms on Lugwig Boltzmann and the concept of entropy, which I am happy to supply for not-for-profit use, including reproduction, adaption and study. The next play I am working on is Newton: the sociopath. More will follow...

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Editing and proofreading


I am an experienced editor and proofreader, specialising in academic and technical text, e.g. theses and papers. I proofread regularly for the Royal Society of Chemistry Environmental Chemistry Group Bulletin. I can edit and proofread to a general standard, or to an agreed specification, e.g. ACS Style Guide.


My rates are negotiable and reflect the amount of time I spend working on a piece. These will always be agreed in advance of beginning work. Contact me to chat about what you're looking for.

I only accept writing and editing work that I believe is ethical. In proofreading, I will not make changes that I believe will compromise the authorship, and expect to be credited for any writing work.

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