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All science tells a story...


science entertainment



I offer science stories to turn tricky concepts into memorable moments. Stories may be performed interactively or told in a more social group setting. Storytelling sessions may be interactive or audience-style. What science do you want to hear a story about?

I have a background in fiction and science writing, storytelling training and have performed on platforms including StoryCollider, Science Showoff and Bright Club. Many of my stories borrow from the history of science and I have also written and produced a science history play on Lugwig Boltzmann, which I am happy to supply for not-for-profit use, including reproduction, adaption and study.






Ever heard a scientific ghost story? Want to know how Mössbauer spectroscopy can tell us whether Vogons are planning to blow up the earth? Science stage performances can be adapted for children or adults, comedy or drama and be straightforward and prop-free or accompany basic demonstrations or use of devices such as puppetry or mime.


Contact me to chat about what you're looking for.

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