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About Me


I am a part-time freelance science communicator/writer. I create bespoke science stories and storytelling workshops to fit your requirements.


I am DBS checked and registered with the update service.


My background is in environmental materials chemistry. I have a PhD from the University of Birmingham in clean up of toxic metals from industrial waste waters using porous solids (closely related to cat litter), and a Masters in Chemistry from Oxford University with research into superconductors, and history and philosophy of science module. I have organised focussed symposia on nanomaterials and geoengineering. My interest in science is broad and also covers scopes such as psychology, mathematics and engineering.


I have been tutoring since 2006 and instructing climbing since 2012, and am now an Ofqual expert advisor for chemistry and environmental sciences. I have training in storytelling, theatre and live performance, and considerable experience of writing and editing.

I am passionate about widening participation and see science as a creative, curiosity-driven discipline that not only should be shared, but itself benefits the more people contribute.





"The tutorial was epic!" KS3 student.


“The course helped me look at science as in why people choose to do things and how that affects others, and it helped me to question some things” KS4 student.


“This workshop was very helpful and made me rethink the things I already know, made me realise how little everyone in the audience knows. Now I’ll take more care with structuring my presentations. I think I’ll do better presentations after this.” Participant.


“That sounds brilliant! What a great workshop!” Teacher.


“I liked the diversity of activities – it was good for different learning techniques and learning styles.” KS4 student.


“The activities in the exhibition upstairs were really fun.” Participant.


“Thank you so much for your contribution. There is lots of excitement about the programme for the day.” Teacher.

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