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I create bespoke science storytelling workshops and academic tutorials to fit your requirements.

Storytelling workshops

Create your own stories about science, whether you are working on a particular topic or drawing on the world around you.

Why do you want to turn science into stories?


  • Aid your understanding of challenging scientific ideas

  • Support revision and memorisation through the medium of storytelling

  • Communicate your scientifific work through narrative

  • To make it more exciting!


Design your science storytelling workshop to fit your requirements.



Use props such as my unique, hand-cut science jigsaws to create new ideas and warm up your imagination.


Supercurricular tutorials

For small school groups and individuals, I also offer revision skills, supercurricular tutorials and academic support, using storytelling and other methods to expand on the syllabus, learning techniques and provide external context. These more intimate classes are suitable for encouraging enthusiasm, approaching problems beyond the current key stage and skills mentoring.


Contact me to chat about what you're looking for.

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